Thursday, August 19, 2010

Boutique Baby Burp Clothes

I went into a Baby Boutique the other day and saw these burp clothes I absolutely thought were adorable and that I wanted to make some.  There are a lot of pregnant moms that will be having their babies this winter so I thought "What better gift than one to be spit up on?".  Well I think having a fun design on burp clothes makes them not look so gross after they've been used.  These are really easy to make and super absorbent.  I bought a 12 pack of prefold birdseye 3-ply cloth diapers with absorbent padding and then looked through some of my left over flannel fabric I had from making other burp clothes and found some material that would work.  Wash both the cloth diapers and flannel material (or whatever material you choose to use) before sewing them together.  That way if either do shrink a little, it will be before they are sew together and then it may not turn out as you want it.
Lay your cloth diaper out and then I folded the non-padded edging (the horizontal edges in the picture) in towards the padding.  I folded each side into the 1 seam before the padding in the middle and pinned.

I then measured out how much flannel I would need, which ended up being 5 inches x 19 inches.  This allows for you to turn the fabric under 1/2 inch and to cover where the sides were folded in.  ( Side note: You can also substitute using flannel for 2 strips of cute ribbon along the folded in part to just add some embellishment to the burp cloth) 
To make the 1/2 inch turn under easy, I took my iron to the flannel and pressed the fold so it would lay down without having to pin the flannel.  I then laid the flannel in the center of the folded diaper and then took out the pins from the diaper and then put them through both the flannel and the diaper for sewing.
Now you have your burp cloth.  The possibilities are endless, it's just finding the fabric design you want to use.  They make great personalized gifts.  Have Fun!!!
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