Friday, October 29, 2010

Creative Cupcakes

So I was visiting Sassy Sites blog and saw where she'd posted pictures from Hello, Cupcake and What's New Cupcake?  And I saw some cupcakes that I just had to try to make.  So here are the wonderful cupcakes.  I made them for my churches Trunk or Treat we had tonight and needless to saw the apples were gone first, followed quickly by the hamburgers.

My daughter was able to win a cupcake before many were gone and she went for the apple cupcake before any of the others.  I was so proud :-)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Free Baby Sling

Here's a site and code to get a free baby sling.  All you have to pay is S&H of about $12.00.  They have some really cute patterns and they have a sizing chart for you to measure what you are ( and if you don't have something to measure yourself, they have one you can print out)
Free code is "Halloween"
I know you can make these, but if you don't have time or a sewing machine or you need something for a baby present, I think these would be great.  You can use the code multiple times, you would just have to close out the window and reopen for a new order.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Car Seat Blanket Shield

So this is somewhat a continuation of my double stroller and car seat makeover.  I needed to make a cover since it's going to be cold when we have our daughter so I wanted something stylish and matching to shield her from the cold or the light if she was napping. 

Needed Materials:
46 x 40 inch piece of quilted fabric (or if you are wanting to use 2 different pieces of fabric - then you'll need 2 of these pieces)
2 packs of double fold bias tape (quilt binding) at 3 yards  7/8 inches wide (this will take you all the way around the blanket)
7 x 14 1/2 inch for the handle (or 2 pieces if you are using a lighter weight material)
velcro - width 1 inch,     5 inch piece (big thing on velcro- don't purchase sticky velcro- purchase sew on velcro!! Sticky backed velcro with ruin your sewing needle and mess you up big time)

I started with a quilted fabric that has a different pattern on each side that was a good weight but not too heavy.  I folded the fabric in half so that the sides that measure 46 inches are aligned.  I measured up 21 inches from the bottom (that will end up covering the front).  Next I cut out a 4 x 7 1/2 inch piece through both layers of fabric and rounded the inner corners

Then I unfolded the piece of fabric and rounded out the remaining corners

To attach the double fold bias tape, I opened the center fold to fit my fabric in the middle so that then when I laid the top fold back down my fabric was sandwiched in the middle.  Also you want to make sure your fabric is in the fold as much as possible so that when you sew, your fabric is secured in place.

Pin in place. Around the corners, I had to fold the bias tape so that it stayed close to my fabric.
Finish around the entire blanket and then sew a 5/8 seam or as close to the inner edge of the binding as you can to catch the most amount of fabric.
With the handle I double folded the 14 1/2 inch sides 1/4 inch and sewed.
Along the 7 inch sides I double folded 1 inch (or take whatever width your SEW ON Velcro is plus 1/4 inch)
Fold in the handle piece so that it is in the shape of a circle then overlap the width of your Velcro plus 1/4 inch.  This will be where your will want to sew on your Velcro (one piece on one side and vice verse)
Now before you sew on your handle, lay the blanket over the car seat half shield but under the handle.  Adjust the sizes and front and back to be where you will want it to lay.  Next pin the center of the handle piece of fabric to the blanket where you want it and sew 3 straight stitches 1/2 inch apart (make sure to back stitch at the start and end of each line to reinforce).  It's finished!! Yes and onto another project.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Re-cover time

So when I found out we were pregnant with our 2nd I was at a consignment sale and decided to go ahead and buy a double stroller and a car seat.  They did not match each other and the car seat was neutral so that it would go with either a boy or girl.  Well found out we were having a girl and my 4 year old is also a girl so I decided to recover both the stroller and car seat for girls.  Here are the results.  I hope you enjoy.  I love them!!









My next project is going to be making a cover for the car seat that will be able to block the cold weather and light is little one is napping.

Ok- Sorry this has taken a bit to get answered (things got crazy around the house).  Yes I was able to measure both the double stroller and car seat for the amount of fabric I would need. 
With the Baby Carrier:I was able to remove the cover and measured (I already alloted washing and folding under for a seam into these measurements)
the top part (where the babies back is) at 27 x 25
the bottom part (for babies butt) at 20 x22
the shield for over head (to sew onto the shield already there) 28 x8
baby head cushion 7 1/2 x 25

Now position the fabric over the center of the top part of carrier (mark where the straps need to come through the fabric).  I used a button hole stitch on my sewing machine and with mine even maxed to the biggest button- I had to do 2 to make it wide enough for the straps and then cut in the center.  You do this for any of the straps that need to come through the fabric.
Pinning the fabric to the center of the top piece is the simple part, it's the sides and corners where you have to do a lot of folds along the corners.  I sewed my fabric to the existing cushion to have a good guideline and some cushion already there.
For the Shield I was able to remove the shield from the car seat and fold the fabric around the front and then sewed that on and then for the top part I again folded the fabric and sewed it on top of the shield fabric I wanted to replace.

Double Stroller measurements:
Front Seat 17 x 15 and 12 1/2 x26
Back Seat 35 1/2 x 14 1/2

Shade 1 (for back seat) 46 1/2 x 5 1/2
Shade 1 little line 13 x 1 1/2 and 13 x 1 1/2 (there are 2 here because of the split in the shade for the plastic compartment attached to the stroller)
Shade 2 (for front seat) 51 x6
Shade 2 little line 51 x 6

With both seats I was able to remove some screws to get the fabric off the metal frame but the inner frame of the seats I did not remove.
The back seat was a breeze to go ahead and make slits for the buckles and lay the seat flat to sew the fabric.  The front seat was a different story and pain in the but because of the inner frame.  Piecing the front seat was a bit more difficult but not impossible. 

Just have plenty of patience, time, and pins to pin and repin fabric to where you want it.  I hope this helped answer any questions

Monday, September 13, 2010


So I was able to get the shop set up for the Squggables and am super excited.  I have a bunch of material for more Squggables and ideas to boot.  I hope you take and look and please give me any feedback what you like or don't like, or any ideas to you have.  Thanks!!!